We value the significance of proper handling of our products from suppliers’ research and development to its acquisition. This measure assures quality and systematized production, as we provide standard critical care solutions towards the advance treatment of severely ill patients. Safety, efficiency, and efficacy are always priorities in our supply chain management. Our products are stored in facilities that are compliant with pharmaceutical products warehousing standards. DELEX has always been and will always perform best anytime in serving its clients and partners.


The demand for critical care products has been on the rise in the Philippines. With this, responsive product distribution is vital to the emergency needs of hospitals. Thus, in 2012, the distribution business of Delex Pharma was launched. As promptness is a trait our company merits, our distribution capability aims to respond to the urgent needs of hospitals in the Greater Manila Area. Since there is a fast-paced demand for our products, Delex Pharma has forged partnerships with reputable pharmaceutical companies, JMN Bro. Pharma Limited Inc. and Merz Phil., to facilitate distribution

Our company has its own Trade Sales Team to strengthen an organized ordering system and distribution process. Distribution management is simplified effectively through the professional work of our highly trained team. Moreover, we implemented the use of Systems Applications and Products-Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) for Order Processing & Inventory Control Management. Our Trade Sales Team has real-time information access to products in inventory. Hence, we can respond to the requests of customers on time.

With a centralized system in the company, we can execute process effectively from the procurement planning to the distribution of our products. Our effective distribution management provides sufficiency and efficiency that avoids product stock unavailability and ensures a smooth flow of product distribution and delivery, especially in critical times. Part of our distribution operations is the required usage of standardized delivery vans. Air-conditioned Mitsubishi L300 Delivery Vans are the safe transportation mode of our products. Aside from the class vans are the motorcycles with insulated storage boxes and Mobile Data Loggers for Temperature & RH monitoring during transit. Our staff transfers the items from the warehouse to the vans by Hydraulic Order Picker and Hydraulic Pallet Trucks. It offers proper handling of our products while being transferred to the delivery vans. As we adhere to the strictest safety protocols, we use 100% Plastic Pallet to prevent termite infestation. Backing us up in our prompt delivery are our reliable third-party logistic networks, namely LBC Express, W Express, and 2GO Express.

Our experienced delivery crews are passionate about providing excellent experience to our customers, while prioritizing safety by observing the utmost care in handling our products. This increases our productivity while we deliver satisfaction to our clients. As we aim to respond with urgency, we practice flexible delivery lead time for National Capital Region areas and nearby provinces.

While the whole world was braving a health crisis in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized how business was done. Delex Pharma gave birth to two new distribution departments, first was the integration of an E-commerce Distribution Platform, and second was the launching of the Telemarketing Department. Along with the advanced technological initiatives of our company, we have continued to provide a robust online marketing strategy that has proven to be very effective in the continuance of transactions between Delex Pharma and its clients. We have adapted to the evolving trend of customer service through telemarketing that has sustained the efficiency and efficacy of client servicing. This comprehensive model has continued to achieve competitive and sustained growth in product distribution.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its effect worldwide, the supply chain disruption among businesses is increasing in frequency and magnitude. While supply chains throughout our economy are a concern, the erratic shock waves of product supply and demand are at risk in the succeeding years. It left the CEOs to strengthen and focus on their supply chain resiliency, while the global economy thrives to fit in this radical change.

With the pandemic grappling the world, we at Delex Pharma stood on our feet to sustain our supply chain management. It allows the continuous flow of our products and information to consumers. Our company has to be flexible in the supply chain to address the high demand for our products amidst the health crisis. From production, acquisition to logistics, “panic-driven” decisions are not considered. Instead, we focus on recovery measures for uninterrupted distribution. Our recovery steps include an approach in continuous supply chain monitoring while assessing and developing demand scenarios. It also covers the creation and security of production & distribution recovery plans. Therefore, the distribution capacity of our company remains intact while we are brawling with the pandemic.

To avoid the supply chain limits during the crisis, we re-opened our VISMIN depots in Iloilo, Cebu and Davao. It allowed the undisruptive supply of critical care drugs in the hospital, especially on the first month of lockdown in the greater Manila area.

We executed organized distribution protocols, which were compliant to the regulations imposed by the Philippine government agencies. Our company implements the skeletal workforce system among warehouse personnel to address continued distribution operations. It limits the staff who are working inside the facility to avoid possible virus infection. As we continue to abide by the safety measures, assigned staff strictly observes the use of the face mask and laboratory suit while inside the warehouse facilities. We are firm in social distancing while at work. Delex Pharma also ensures the safety of our workers. We provide shuttle service to avoid the exposure of employees in public transport where virus spread is high. Moreover, all facility personnel are required to provide details for health checklist for monitoring. Furthermore, the team is closely working with the Regulatory Department to ensure compliance with government regulation on product importation and other legalities amid the pandemic. As cashless payment is endorsed for transactions in this new normal, our team initiated an E-commerce Platform in collaboration with the IT and Finance Department.

In response to the delivery process, our telemarketers have maintained effective shipment protocols before our clients receive the products. The delivery workforce of the company has always observed proper delivery guidelines for the safety of products and customers. The products undergo sanitation, as well, before transporting it. The team uses new personal protective equipment upon the dispatch of the life-saving medicines.

Through this effort, Delex Pharma minimizes the risk of disruption as it secures supply chain resiliency while we continue to provide quality critical care products to our market.


Along with our rapid business growth is the establishment of warehouses to accommodate our products acquired from international manufacturers with a cGMP certificate. We have passed the procurement inspection of well-known hospitals in the Philippines, namely: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Asian Hospital Medical Center, The Medical City, and Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. To date, we are housing our pharmaceutical items in two compliant warehouses.

As we are committed to quality service, our company strictly encompasses standard warehouse management to comply with quality assurance. We believe that our clients and patients have the right to have quality and effective pharmaceutical products. Hence, our compliant warehouses play a vital role in the proper storage of products. We proudly showcase our quality facilities, which are also compliant to the sanitation and hygiene protocols. Our assigned personnel are continuously conducting periodic pest control in the warehouse premise.

Product safety is assured as we execute effective and reliable warehouse operations. We currently have a main warehouse, which measures 665 square meters, that has a mezzanine. We rented another 425 square meter warehouse as the demand for critical care items continue to peak. In response to product quality checks, we have an organized quarantine area for inspection, packing, and receiving process. The expired and damaged products are properly placed in designated areas. Moreover, our facilities are equipped with the necessary accessories and features that are critical to warehouse management.




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Investing in any business involves risks, illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment, dilution of shares, and should be done only as a part of a diversified portfolio. This presentation is targeted solely at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. This information has not been approved as a financial promotion, and you must carry out your own due diligence.


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Risks Relating to Our Financial Condition

We may require additional capital to support business growth, and this capital might not be available on acceptable terms, if at all.


We intend to continue to make investments to support our business growth and may require additional funds to respond to business challenges, including the need to develop new features and products or enhance our existing products, improve our operating infrastructure or acquire complementary businesses and technologies. Accordingly, we may need to engage in continued equity or debt financings to secure additional funds. If we raise additional funds through future issuances of equity or convertible debt securities, our existing stockholders could suffer significant dilution, and any new equity securities we issue could have rights, preferences and privileges superior to those of our common stock. Any debt financing, we secure in the future, could involve restrictive covenants relating to our capital raising activities and other financial and operational matters, which may make it more difficult for us to obtain additional capital and to pursue business opportunities, including potential acquisitions. We may not be able to obtain additional financing on terms favorable to us, if at all. If we are unable to obtain adequate financing or financing on terms satisfactory to us when we require it, our ability to continue to support our business growth and to respond to business challenges could be impaired, and our business may be harmed.


Risks Relating to Our Business and Industry

We may fail to obtain sufficient capital resources for future growth and other operational needs.


We require additional capital resources to pursue our growth strategy through organic expansion as well as strategic investments and acquisitions and to remain competitive by responding in a timely manner to technological changes or market demand. We require significant capital to build, maintain, operate and expand our research and development activities, develop more product range, secure more distribution rights, expand its global distribution channels, invest in manufacturer of healthcare products and provider of healthcare services.


We expect to meet our funding needs through cash flows from operations, securities offerings, bank borrowings and other external financing sources. Our ability to obtain additional financing will depend on several factors, including our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. The increase in the interest rates and statutory deposit reserve ratios tightened credit and negatively affected the abilities of many companies to borrow from financial institutions. If we cannot obtain sufficient funding on acceptable terms or, to the extent required, receive necessary approvals for our financing plans from the regulatory authorities, we may not be able to successfully implement our business strategy, and our prospects could be materially and adversely affected.


We may experience significant losses from operations.


Even if we do generate operating income in one or more quarters in the future, subsequent developments in our industry, customer base, business or cost structure or an event such as significant litigation or a significant transaction may cause us to again experience operating losses. We may not become profitable for the long-term, or even for any

We may not be able to successfully identify acquisition targets or complete acquisitions or integrate the acquired businesses.


We may not be able to successfully identify acquisition targets or complete acquisitions or integrate the acquired businesses. One of our business strategies is to take advantage of the trend of consolidation in the highly fragmented healthcare industry by undertaking acquisition activities. Further, we intend to use part of the net proceeds that we receive from the listing to acquire domestic and overseas healthcare businesses. Through acquisitions, we aim to obtain advanced technologies, new products and other resources for our pharmaceutical manufacturing business, diagnostic products, and medical devices businesses, enter and expand our operations in the premium, specialty, and general healthcare service markets in the Philippines, and expand the coverage and network of our retail pharmacies in our existing and future target markets in the whole of Asia. Internationally, we plan to primarily acquire overseas generic drug manufacturing companies or specialty pharmaceutical companies with strong product portfolios, research, and development. These overseas pharmaceutical companies are expected to help us further expand our product lines and increase the sales of our products in the international markets. In addition, we may continue to identify, pursue, and consummate joint venture projects in the future.


Risks Relating To The Company’s Securities


We may never have a public market for our common stock or may never trade on a recognized exchange. Therefore, you may be unable to liquidate your investment in our stock.


There is no established public trading market for our securities. Our shares are not and have not been listed or quoted on any exchange or quotation system.


For our shares to be quoted, a market maker must agree to file the necessary documents with the National Association of Securities Dealers, which operates the OTCQB. In addition, it is possible that such application for quotation may not be approved and even if approved it is possible that a regular trading market will not develop or that if it did develop, will be sustained. In the absence of a trading market, an investor may be unable to liquidate their investment.

We do not expect to declare or pay dividends in the foreseeable future.

We do not expect to declare or pay dividends in the foreseeable future, as we anticipate that we will invest future earnings in the development and growth of our business. Therefore, holders of our Common Stock will not receive any return on their investment unless they sell their securities, and holders may be unable to sell their securities on favorable terms or at all.


 Our shares are subject to the penny stock rules, making it more difficult to trade our shares.


The SEC has adopted rules that regulate broker-dealer practices in connection with transactions in penny stocks. Penny stocks are generally equity securities with a price of less than $5.00, other than securities registered on certain national securities exchanges or authorized for quotation on certain automated quotation systems, provided that current price and volume information with respect to transactions in such securities is provided by the exchange or system. If the price of our Common Stock is less than $5.00, our Common Stock will be deemed a penny stock. The penny stock rules require a broker-dealer, before a transaction in a penny stock not otherwise exempt from those rules, to deliver a standardized risk disclosure document containing specified information. In addition, the penny stock rules require that before effecting any transaction in a penny stock not otherwise exempt from those rules, a broker-dealer must make a special written determination that the penny stock is a suitable investment for the purchaser and receive (i) the purchaser’s written acknowledgment of the receipt of a risk disclosure statement; (ii) a written agreement to transactions involving penny stocks; and (iii) a signed and dated copy of a written suitability statement. These disclosure requirements may have the effect of reducing the trading activity in the secondary market for our Common Stock, and therefore stockholders may have difficulty selling their shares. 


Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements


This Offering Circular contains various “forward-looking statements.” You can identify forward-looking statements by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “believes,” “expects,” “may,” “will,” “would,” “could,” “should,” “seeks,” “approximately,” “intends,” “plans,” “projects,” “estimates” or “anticipates” or the negative of these words and phrases or similar words or phrases. You can also identify forward-looking statements by discussions of strategy, plans or intentions. These statements may be impacted by several risks and uncertainties. The forward-looking statements are based on our beliefs, assumptions and expectations of our future performance considering all information currently available to us. These beliefs, assumptions and expectations are subject to risks and uncertainties and can change as a result of many possible events or factors, not all of which are known to us. If a change occurs, our business, financial condition, liquidity, and results of operations may vary materially from those expressed in our forward-looking statements. You should carefully consider these risks before you make an investment decision with respect to our Securities. For a further discussion of these and other factors that could impact our future results, performance, or transactions, see the section entitled “Risk Factors.”


We are selling the shares of this offering without an underwriter and may be unable to sell any shares.


This offering is self-underwritten, that is, we are not going to engage the services of an underwriter to sell the shares; we intend to sell our shares through our Chairman of our Board of Directors and CEO, Mr. Oroceo and Servebank Financial Inc., (Servebank), both of whom will receive no commissions. There is no guarantee that Mr. Oroceo or Servebank will be able to sell any of the shares. Unless they are successful in selling all of the shares of our Company’s offering, we may have to seek alternative financing to implement our business plan.



The statements contained herein may contain certain forward-looking statements relating to Delex Healthcare Group, Inc. or “Delex” that are based on the beliefs of Delex as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to Delex’s management. These forward-looking statements are, by their nature, subject to significant risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements include, without limitation, statements relating to Delex’s business prospects, future developments, trends and conditions in the industry and geographical markets in which Delex operates, its strategies, plans, objectives and goals, its ability to control costs, statements relating to prices, volumes, operations, margins, capital expenditures, overall market trends, risk management and exchange rates. When used herein, the words “anticipate”, “believe”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “going forward”, “intend”, “may”, “ought to”, “plan”, “project”, “seek”, “should”, “will”, “would” and similar expressions, as they relate to Delex or Delex’s management, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements reflect Delex’s views at the time such statements were made with respect to future events and are not a guarantee of future performance or developments. You are strongly cautioned that reliance on any forward-looking statements involves known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results and events may differ materially from information contained in the forward-looking statements as a result of a number of factors, including any changes in the laws, rules and regulations relating to any aspects of Delex’s business operations, general economic, market and business conditions, including capital market developments, changes or volatility in interest rates, foreign exchange rates, equity prices or other rates or prices, the actions and developments of the Delex’s competitors and the effects of competition in the healthcare or related sectors, demand for, and price of, Delex’s products and services, various business opportunities that Delex may or may not pursue, changes in population growth and other demographic trends, including mortality, pandemics, morbidity and longevity rates, persistency levels, Delex’s ability to identify, measure, monitor and control risks in Delex’s business, including its ability to manage and adapt its overall risk profile and risk management practices, its ability to properly price its products and services, including capital expenditures and establish reserves for future policy benefits and claims, seasonal fluctuations and factors beyond Delex’s control. Subject to the requirements of the Listing Rules, Delex does not intend to update or otherwise revise such forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. As a result of these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions, forward-looking events and circumstances discussed herein might not occur in the way Delex expects, or at all. Accordingly, you should not place reliance on any forward-looking information or statements. All forward-looking statements herein are qualified by reference to the cautionary statements set forth in this section.


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